Darren Fisher

Darren Fisher has been a practicing Buddhist for the past twenty years, having studied with Buddhist masters in Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal and India. He served as project director for the Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture, overseeing a Rockefeller Foundation-funded survey of the cultural condition of Tibetans living in North America. Darren currently lives and works in Colorado as a nurse with a focus on end of life care. He helps to run the Buddhist meditation center Chönyi Ling. Check out their activities at


Joseph Wagner

Joseph Wagner runs Siddhi Energetics and Future Alchemy; organizations focused on introducing the West to Tibetan medicine and alchemical formulas. He is involved in numerous projects, including translation, meditation instruction, propagation of Taiwanese oolong tea culture, PHatea and the movement to access human potential. A fortunate student of many great Buddhist masters throughout the world, he lives in Colorado.

He helps to run the Buddhist meditation center Chönyi Ling. Check out their activities at


* In this site we are purposefully not using Rinpoche’s full name in order to protect his anonymity from cultural forces at odds with his work and mission.

HE Terton Rinpoche

Terton Rinpoche was born in 1957 near Nangchen, Kham in Eastern Tibet. After studying with many great masters, he spent more than 16 years in strict meditation retreat in various caves and hermitages all over the region. Early in his life he began to have visions and reveal treasures (gTer ma), and was recognized as an authentic Terton by Osel Dorje Rinpoche, Khenpo Achok Rinpoche, the Kela incarnation of Chokgyur Lingpa, and Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok. Recipient of a prophecy indicating that he is to build 13 major stupas throughout Tibet, Rinpoche has spent the last 8 years fulfilling this prophecy. So far 11 Stupas have been completed. Funds from your sponsorship of these tsa-tsas will support Rinpoche’s enlightened activities, including helping to finish the remaining stupas, building hermitages for meditation retreat, and supporting monks currently in retreat, and cataloging, printing, and spreading Rinpoche’s own gTer ma revelations. To donate directly to Rinpoche’s activities, please click the Donate button below. 

Lineages of Practice

Rinpoche has received transmissions from all four Vajrayana lineages. His five close root teachers are Drubchen Gana Rinpoche, Changchub Dorje Rinpoche, Terton Osel Dorje Rinpoche, Karma Tsepten Rinpoche, and HE Luding Khen Rinpoche. Terton Rinpoche holds the direct lineages of both Khyentse Wangpo and Terton Sogyal, which he received from Karma Tsepten Rinpoche, who was himself a personal disciple of Terton Sogyal. Among many lineages, Rinpoche also holds the terma revalations of Palme Khyentse and Chokgyur Lingpa very closely. Rinpoche studied with Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok at Larung Gar, and currently his son is a student in the shedra (monastic university) there.  He is also the primary lineage holder of the termas of Osel Dorje Rinpoche.

Rinpoche received the complete lineage of Longchen Nyingtig, and in particular the teachings of Tri Yeshe Lama seven times. In addition to holding several Dzogchen lineages, Rinpoche also received the close lineage of Mahamudra held at Tsurmang Monastery. He primarily practices his own termas, but teaches many different methods depending on the proclivities of his students. *