Sponsoring a Tsa-tsa


To sponsor a tsa-tsa for another is to enter into a unique relationship with the deceased. Through your actions, the consciousness of the departed will be benefitted, as will that person’s family, for generations to come. The merit created from sponsoring a tsa-tsa made in this way is enormous. For more information about sponsoring a tsa-tsa for oneself, see below.

How it works

Once you choose to sponsor a tsa-tsa, a laboratory-grade bottle will be sent to you. Please fill the bottle with the ashes of your loved one. You will then forward this to our Lama who will consecrate the ashes and make two tsa-tsas from the combination of ashes and tsa-tsa material. This Lama has many years of experience making tsa-tsas and is considered a master artist by the Tibetan community. The tsa-tsa of Shakyamuni (shown on left) will be returned to you, while the stupa-shaped tsa-tsa will be hand carried to Terton Rinpoche in Tibet.

Once received, Rinpoche will perform numerous prayers and rituals (puja) in order to send the consciousness of the being whose ashes these are to a higher rebirth or pure realm. The tsa-tsa will then be interred in a holy cave at a sacred mountain near Rinpoche’s home. Rinpoche will again consecrate the tsa-tsas as a group once they are put in place at the cave.

Time frame

Your bottle will arrive in about one week, and the completed tsa-tsa will be back in your hands for placement in a position of honor in your home within one to two months. The sister tsa-tsa will be taken to Rinpoche during the summer of 2011, and the rituals will be performed at that time.


Sacred Passage Tsa-tsas has a remarkable vision: to enable Westerners to enshrine the ashes of their loved ones in one of the most holy and pristine places in the world. This process is complex, difficult to carry out, and totally unique. The cost for the tsa-tsas to be created, for the Shakyamuni Tsa-tsa to be sent to you, and for the stupa tsa-tsa to be hand carried to Tibet and interred in the holy site is $599. The benefit of carrying out the project is incalculable.

Sponsoring a Tsa-tsa for Oneself

If you are interested in the tsa-tsa process being carried out at the time of your death, it may be advisable to pre-sponsor a tsa-tsa for yourself. This wish can be written into one’s will or Dharma Will*. To ensure that the process is carried out, you can start now, while in good health. If you choose this option, a certificate detailing the steps to be taken by your executor will be sent to you which can be kept with your will and other documents. Please contact us at info@sacredpassage.com for more information.


If you are interested in making a donation to assist with Rinpoche’s projects in Tibet, please see the Donate link to the left. This money is hand-carried to Rinpoche and goes directly to support his work building monasteries, retreat centers, and stupas, as well as supporting monks and nuns in serious meditation retreat. For more information about Rinpoche’s work, please write us at info@sacredpassagetsatsa.com.

* A Dharma Will is a specific set of spiritual instructions put together for dealing with one’s passing, funeral service, and physical remains. It details the various spiritual practices to be done and so forth.



In Tibet traditionally the family members would either make or sponsor someone to make numerous tsa-tsas for the dead.